The Animal In Ericailcane

Ericailcane art

Based in Italy, Ericailcane creates in many ways – etchings, graphic art, street art (most notably in collaboration with street artist Blu), animations, sculptures, installations, tattoos and a multitude of drawings. Inspired by Victorian children’s illustrations, the images are anthropomorphic and surreal, macabre but never sad, with a light and friendly feel. These enchanting animals portray humanity with just the right dose of whimsy.

At what stage did you decide to express yourself on the street?

I’ve always felt the urge of doing something that makes sense and in such a compromised reality one very important thing is communication. I thought that working on the street, on a public level, rather than the private space of a canvas or a drawing, was a good opportunity to express and generate communication. – Via MTN World

The artist also goes by a similar title of “Erica Il Cane”, here is a link to her website.


EricailcaneEricailcane artEricailcane art

Ericailcane art



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