The Floral Arrangements of Edith Waddell

Edith Waddell - Eclectix


Featured Artist: Edith Waddell

Edith Waddell creates a sweet candy land of metamorphosis and juxtapositions – pretty in pinks, pastels and brilliant ice cream colors. Surreal whimsy and organic psychedelic formations result in mesmerizing visions, floating in hypnotic space. Projecting an inkblot-like, kaleidoscopic design, they combine flora and fauna, subtle sexual hints, vintage tablecloth motifs and female reproductive anatomy.

“My artwork is an exploration into the human psyche. I use elements taken from flora, fauna and my own recurrent dreams to personify internal emotional conflicts on such subjects as phobia, genetic experimentation, maternity, narcissism, seduction and spirituality. Fragments from the exterior natural world, as well as our own internal emotional world, inspire the concepts in my work. This conceptual material offers me a wellspring of symbolic language that allows me to compose anthropomorphic floral arrangements and whimsical hybrid creatures.”

- Edith Waddell - 


Edith Waddell







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