Don’t Miss: Herakut in SF!

We just love the work of Herakut and are so pleased to see a show of their fantastic street influenced art, opening this weekend in SF at 941 Geary. It is strong, emotive and painterly works – not to be missed.
“Loving the Exiled”, will open April 21, 2012, 6-9 PM
Through May 29th


From the artists, via the gallery -
“To the San Francisco show we will be bringing characters that have fallen from grace. We took a look to the banned and exiled, the abandoned child that first cries of fear and then of rage, flocks of scapegoats, a choir of arch enemies, the outlawed, the out-numbered, the ones that know they are very last of their kind, the extinguished. When will we end up in their place?”
Herakut is an artist duo made of Jasmin Siddiqui, born 1981 in Frankfurt, West Germany, and Falk Lehmann, born 1977 in Schmalkalden, East Germany. Their artistic style is as symbiotic as their name, which in itself is the symbiosis of the two individual graffiti synonyms Hera and Akut. A love for traveling and painting for the public eye are just a few of the things of the things Akut and Hera have in common. Their work, however, is based on bringing together contrasting elements: masculine vs. feminine, Eastern vs. Western, the roughness of Street Arts vs. the detail of Fine Arts.
Photos courtesy of the 941 Geary blog & PR
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