DESIGN: A Rocket Faucet


Interior Design: Atomic Fixtures

When we spotted these cool rocket faucets which time travel back to 1950′s spaceships or airplanes, we had to dig further. Made by Lefroy Brooks, (the ones pictured above and below) – are from their 1950 Belle Aire series. It is available in chromium plate, antique gold, silver nickel, or satin nickel finishes, and is just the thing to jazz up an otherwise austere areaSweet n’ sleek, atomic powered design.

The collection - A Century of Classics – is the story of a hundred years of bathrooms. Inspired by our classic past, designs from the 1900′s right through to the 50′s. From Steampunk to Art Deco – these fixtures are very cleanly designed in sleek chrome, with a simple elegance of line and vintage goodness.

rocet faucet -lefroy-brooks

winged faucet

A few of our other favorites below, and a link here to Lefroy Brooks.





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