Fierce Fashion Design: Maiko Takeda

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Fierce Fashion Design

Maiko Takeda is a Japanese artist and milliner who creates fantastic head pieces, worn by the likes of Bjork (below). She grew up in a post boom Tokyo where she was faced with the challenge of wanting to create products of an individual and timeless quality, in a country slowly grinding to a halt. She looked to areas outside of fashion and pop culture for impulses, exploring the city by foot, finding inspiration in the smallest and most random of things.

Design: Maiko Takeda

“Through the experiment process, I developed the technique to create a visual effect of an intangible aura by layering printed clear film, sandwiched with acrylic discs and linked together with silver jump rings.”

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Maiko’s juxtaposition of various elements explode off and around the head of the wearer. Her architectural headpieces resemble porcupine quills, ostrich feathers and tiny iridescent fish scales, all artfully woven together with logic and geometry in mind. Other fashion based works (below) are influenced by shadow, wind and gravity, creating an experience of environmental wonder and surreal adornment.

LINK: To Maiko’s Website

Design: Maiko Takeda

Design: Maiko Takeda

Design: Maiko Takeda

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