DESIGN: How-Many Guide Infographic

S.B. Lattin - Eclectix design

Graphic designer Shannon Lattin created this very useful How-Many Guide infographic for mixing it up and converting measurements. My whole life I have been confused in the kitchen when it comes to this subject. Just how many cups are there in a gallon, again? And now this smart lady has created an impressive poster that makes it easy – in a beautifully thought out and elegantly designed presentation.

Shannon has the How-Many Guide for sale as posters, stickers and as a convenient tea towel - here at her shop. This is a no brainer gift for anyone with a kitchen!

Shannon Lattin - Eclectix design

If your kitchen drawers are anything like ours, you never have the right measuring implement for the recipe you’re tackling. Keep this chart on hand, and the next time you find yourself asking “How many…” you’ll know just what to do. - Via Shannon’s Website

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