DESIGN: Hand Shelf Electronic Dock

hand dock - eclectix


While out and about Xmas shopping last month, we stumbled upon this sweetly surreal hand shelf which holds any manner of electronic device, acting as a dock. Designed by Harry Allen, it has a groove in just the right place to secure an iPhone or an iPad. It would be a wonderful way to display any manner of object – in a very artful presentation. Especially suited for those places where you don’t have room for a needed table or shelf, but you have the wall space a life-size hand. Produced by AreaWare it is made of resin and marble.

We spotted it locally here in San Francisco, on Valencia Street, in the Mission at Digital Fix.


design hand dock - eclectix


Harry Allen’s wall-mounted Hands have had a hold on A+R customers since we opened. The New York designer follows up his timeless classics with a hand that holds an iPhone. Cast from Harry’s own hand, this iPhone Hand Dock is a clever, even artful way of positioning the ultimate in functional design.  - Via A+R Store


design iphone hand dock - eclectix

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