DESIGN: Artful Purses For Xmas Time

artful purses eclectix


Since it ’tis the season to buy something snappy for a friend, we thought you would enjoy a look at these artful purses for Xmas time. Created by two very different artists Karen H (from her Etsy site) and Taeseok Kang.


artful purses eclectix

Karen H’s Book Purses:  I have an obsession with books, and of course, I work at a used bookstore.  I noticed these great books that needed a home or they were going to take a dive into the dumpster. I was so sad about it that I decided to recycle them and make them into purses.  What I have found in my creating of these purses, is that a purse is really an extension of someone’s personality, views and opinions. That has led me to create some really interesting and quirky purses for all walks of life.

Link to more book purses and Karen’s Etsy site 

artful purses eclectix

Taeseok Kang’s Human Hair Purses: A graduate from the London College of Fashion, created these human hair handbags with an intent to explore “narratives of sexual human body and address the question of palpable sensations that manifest from the sexual instinct of a human being and the range of sexiness from subtle to extreme.” Not sure I would classify these as sexy but they are certainly very cool!

Link to Taeseok Kang’s hairy handbags 

While you are out there shopping around, keep in mind all the small, indie businesses and artist’s sites with sweet, unique gifts. There are beautiful prints and originals and all manner of hand crafted one-of-a-kind items to be had. Give back and support the arts!

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