David Jon Kassan Gets Real

david kassen art

David Jon Kassan paints incredible hyper realistic oil portraits often set against abstracted and muted graffiti inspired backgrounds. Technically proficient and masterful in his medium, his poignant raw souls ask to be heard. His beings are humanity at its core, unedited, complete with age earned wrinkles and messy struggles. Compassion and empathy speak out in his subjects, understanding and embracing all that we are – these are documentaries in paint.

“Realism is a philosophy as opposed to a style. For me, painting is about observing and recording my existence as accurately as I can, it’s my way of understanding the world around me and staying constantly engaged with it, the more carefully and patiently I look at what interests me in the world the more faithfully and honestly I can document it.”

David Jon Kassan

David has produced a two hour instructional documentary, available here. About it he says – “To encourage a full understanding of the process, I completely vocalize my thoughts on how I use broken color to develop lifelike skintone and how I use color temperature, value, texture and brushstroke to turn form. I also discuss how to train your eye to see these subtle color shifts and transitions.”

David Jon Kassan


David Jon Kassan 30303-7795003-Jace Grace-in-Profile-Oil-on-wood-panel-painting-by-David-Jon-Kassan tumblr_miu6gfsfhF1r40oero1_500

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