The Apocalypse of Dariusz Zawadzki

The-tracker-Dariusz Zawadzki

Featured Artist: Dariusz Zawadzki

A Polish artist, Dariusz Zawadzki (also known as Yogoro Artworks), is self taught. His works are dark fantasy, almost a tribal science fiction or an apocalyptic scenario. With threads of steampunk style, his paintings glow with nuclear burn and solitary survival, beautiful and haunting.

I never use a sketch-book, because I don’t want to force myself to reproduce on a painting something that was already put on paper. The most beautiful moment is when I’m standing in front of a white, clear board when I am just starting to paint.

When I was eleven years old I started painting. I wanted to go to an artistic secondary school, but I was told that my eyesight is too poor for that. Well, I can’t agree… From then on I’ve been self-teaching and getting to the bottom of painting craft myself. I don’t regret having chosen this path. It may have been more difficult, yet it let me develop my own techniques.

Dariusz Zawadzki




Abyss-Dariusz Zawadzki



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