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Featured Artist: Dan Hillier

Dan works in mixed media using collage, Photoshop and his own pen and ink drawings – producing screen prints of the final image. He takes much of his inspiration from old Gothic Victorian etchings. The ink paintings are done “using lots of water, lots of Daler-Rowney Calli ink and lots of delicate scratching with a dip nib pen.”

“A lot of the (my) work involves pictures from Victorian times and a lot of these involve drawings, engraving, etchings or whatever, and have quite a dramatic edge to them… and I like playing with that. I want to make pictures that have an impact on people – something that stops people and connects with people. I like the idea that they might transport people to somewhere a little bit mysterious.”












The band Royal Blood approached Dan to make the artwork for their album cover, (very top and below, with and without typography.)

 “They wanted to use this piece, Falls – and it’s been lovely to see how far and wide it has appeared,” he said.  ”I made this image in the Spring of 2014 – I named her Pachamama (a Quechuan word meaning Earth Mother) after returning from Peru, where I had the privilege of sitting in ceremony with Shipibo master shamans in the northern Amazon and wandering about the southern Andes.

“We are in desperate need of rediscovering our respect for her. Pachamama is profound intelligence and love manifesting as the apparent world, giving birth to everything, including us.”

- Dan Hillier - 



royal blood cover - dan hillier - eclectix



Dan’s also been working on some hand-finished pieces with gold leaf, pencil and pen – two of which are featured, below. You can view and purchase them at The Other Art Fair in London, from April 7th – 10th, 2016.






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