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Featured Artist : CT Nelson

Painter CT Nelson creates fantastic surreal worlds, partly abstracted and partly illustrative – with his more recent works leaning towards less definitive imagery. Channeling visions of science fiction, historical events, trippy hallucinations and vortex swirling motions of weather patterns – his paintings mesmerize and pull you in. They are phantasmagorical landscapes of what might be, or has been – beautiful lasting meanderings and transformations within humanity’s  soul.




“… that was the most important thing that I could do, was learn what came before me. Later on, I would try to figure out what I could do in my place, with this art. How could I be unique? If you don’t know the past, you’re doomed to repeat history. I knew this going into the search for myself. I tried telling my grandpa—when he was still alive—why modern art is more that just splashing paint on a canvas. I said, “You have to know what was before that.” You go all the way back throughout history, and learn about the art movements and what they were.” – Via an interview with Sensible Reason

CT Nelson






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