Crystal Morey’s “In Our Nature” Opening Photos


Eclectix visited the opening of Crystal Morey’s new body of works, “In Our Nature” her signature serene ceramic sculptures, at Compound Gallery in Oakland. The exhibition continues until July 15th.


“She explores the impact and stresses mankind has imposed on animal life and our natural world and pays particular attention to species that have been endangered or have become extinct due to urban development, industrial agriculture, over-hunting and loss of habitat, and examine how these changes may affect human psyches, emotions, and actions. “-Via Compound
We love Crystal’s past works and were especially blown away by a long shelf of women’s heads, with various adornments and organic head dresses. Trees, branches, antlers and creatures grasp the heads, interwoven in the hair and around the face. Individually- they were all beautiful – but grouped together all along the shelf – they were just breathtaking! Like a human forest of angst & anthropomorphic beauty.
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