Christopher Conte’s Biomechanical Creations


Christopher Conte’s creations are super clean, beautifully designed and constructed sculptures, using quality materials with an impeccable finish. His artistic inspiration is both mechanical and organic – from robotic skulls to graceful gleaming spiders. Anatomy, steampunk, Victorian and space age themes all converge – with a love for superior craftsmanship, off beat imaginings and vintage workmanship.

Born in Bergen, Norway, Christopher was raised and currently lives in New York.  He began working in the prosthetics field making artificial limbs for amputees – working in obscurity creating biomechanical sculptures which reflected his love for biomechanics, anatomy and robotics. In 2008, he left the field to begin his career as a full-time artist.

Christopher uses a wide range of experience along with diverse materials and construction techniques to create his unique one-of-a-kind pieces. The work is usually a combination of original cast components with found/recycled parts using materials ranging from bronze to carbon fiber. Many of the exotic materials used in both the aerospace industry and the medical field have found their way into his work. And ancient techniques such as lost-wax bronze casting have become an integral part of his process as well.

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Chris Conte art

Chris Conte art heart

Chris Conte art spider


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