dan hillier - eclectix

Featured Artist: Dan Hillier

Dan works in mixed media using collage, Photoshop and his own pen and ink drawings – producing screen prints of the final image. He takes much of his inspiration from old Gothic Victorian etchings. The ink paintings are done “using lots of water, lots of Daler-Rowney Calli ink and lots of delicate scratching with a dip nib pen.”

Natalya Burd - Eclectix

Featured Artist: Natalya Burd

Working in ink and metallic paint on paper, Natalya Burd creates subtle landscapes which hint of ancient daguerreotypes and traditional Asian landscapes. With the barest suggestions of human forms and shapes looming forth from muted haze – they are beautifully lustrous works recording barbaric history within a timeless and forgiving resolve.


Dorote Zaukaite

Dorote Zaukaite’s beautiful art dolls are pensive deep thinkers, exquisitely adorned and fashioned in poetic poses. Their gesture and implied movement is beguiling with an astounding attention to minute detail. Each doll’s garment is finely crafted, replicating original and creative textiles worthy of museum display. She uses many different materials – resin casts, porcelain clay, wire, glass and semiprecious beads, feathers, embroidery, countless various scraps of textiles, mohair fibers, paint, paper and even some whiskers form her dog! Gracefully serene yet torn by life, her sculptures reflect Victorian romance and fairy tales, mixed with darkly modern turbulence, right down to extraordinary platform shoes.

Voyager Danny van Ryswyk

Featured Artist: Danny van Ryswyk

Danny van Ryswyk works digitally, producing prints and 3D sculptures of moody and contemplative characters, often within dark themes and settings. While his older works are reminiscent of other contemporary pop surrealists works – we love Danny’s newer works, which are evolving with a strong sense with their own identity.

Truppe Fledermaus - Eclectix

Exhibit News: Truppe Fledermaus, The Carnival at the End of the World

Starting this weekend at the Carl Hammer Gallery is what looks to be a stunning, interesting and inspiring show by the collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Titled “Truppe Fledermaus & The Carnival at the End of the World,” the artists’ imaginative series utilizes photography, painting, drawing, prints and sculptures – in their visual narratives.