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The Best Podcasts For Artists, Some Great Background Listening…

Many of you have probably fumbled around in vain for hours (I certainly have), searching for good stuff to listen to while you work. Whether it be while painting your latest masterpiece, updating your website or re-grouting that bathroom tile…

The artist life can be isolating and full of solitude – having something engaging to listen to, can help transport one into a groove and feel less alone. We thought we’d share some of our favorite podcasts with you and save you the fumble.

Water Tower Art Exhibit

Artitechture: Water Tower Art Exhibit

There is a great show which opened last Friday, of 50 illustrated water towers at Kikkerland in NYC. If you love models, little houses, run down shacks and weird little structures as much as we do, this is a must see! Composed of small models of water towers, they are each adorned in their own way by individual artists. The show is curated by artists Chris Buzelli (above) and SooJin Buzelli for Boundless Brooklyn, who donated and sells the model kits.

Kevyn Aucoin -Eclectix

Kevyn Aucoin was Hollywood’s maestro of the painted face. He created a series of fantastic make-over-makeup jobs, transforming today’s celebrities into former screen idols. See the pictures above?  On the left is Gwyneth Paltrow and on the right is the real deal – Faye Dunaway in Bonnie & Clyde. Pretty good, right?

David Bowie and Buster Keaton Eclectix

Today is David Bowie’s birthday and it prompted a long afternoon yesterday, lost in the web of all-things-Bowie-related. Bowie is one of those artists who has delved into many fields of artistic pursuits – music, visual art, acting, fashion, design, writing and performance. He has been an outspoken icon for millions, enabling the most misfit of us to feel validation and celebrate our oddities.