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Liam Barr, An Eclectix Artist Interview

New Zealand artist Liam Barr creates fantastical portrait narratives which spark questions and hook us with surreal, old world mystery. ( Witness the masterpiece above, his killer portrait of the writer Katherine Mansfield! )  Liam’s finely honed skills communicate with delicacy, insight and compassion on the human condition.



Artist Michael Rosner has a stunning series of futuristic body art paintings which feature Steampunkian robotic women right off the runway of a modern Metropolis. The models are hand painted and airbrushed with all manner of intricate machine imagery which may take up to 20 hours to complete.

Alex Garcia--561809494

Featured Artist: Alex Garcia

The roses, hearts and eyes of Alex Garcia are impeccably painted and achingly beautiful – he is a master at all of them and so much more. Here at Eclectix, we have always been fanatical about eyes (you probably noticed…) – and Alex’s riveting eyes have consistently set off our eyedar.

Aron J. Dubois

Featured Artist: Aron J. Dubois

 We are entranced by Aron J. Dubois’ tattoos and his art, and it’s obvious why. With it’s elegant vintage color palette it complements the skin in a subtle and beautiful old timey way. The flesh tones substitute wonderfully for the pink, tan, yellowed or worn antique paper. Aron takes inspiration from old tattoos and newer art – then turns them into his own vision. Each piece reflects his eye, soul and style, despite it’s origin.

Shannon larratt - eclectix

After reading of his death, we were inspired and moved to share the words of wisdom imparted by Shannon Larratt’s art of living. His recent suicide was preceded by a well-written and insightful farewell blog post – full of his thoughts on life, death and dying. A few of the issues he touches upon are important in today’s mess of a medical system and the politics of dying a pain free death. And his personal tributes and remembrances are heart felt, raw honesty that almost everyone can relate to.