Interesni Kazki  - Eclectix

Street Art

The Ukrainian street artist duo – Interesni Kazki – have been painting together for over 15 years and  have painted all over the world, originally starting in Eastern Europe. Individually, they are – Aleksei Bordusov and Vladimir Manzhos – whom also go by their respective aliases AEC and WAONE. Their beautiful acrylic murals are full of brilliant colors and life, often embracing regional local cultures and spirits.


Not Just Architecture, But Artitechture

Street Art: CRYPTIK

Cryptik creates mesmerizing mandala-like designs, calligraphic iconography painted with crisp precision and mind bending detail. His inspirations are compassionate and spiritual in nature, pulling from Zen teachings, Buddha, Ganesha, Eastern philosophies and iconography – in a palette of earthy browns, golds and black.

brett amory artist eclectix interview

Brett Amory, The Eclectix Interview

Brett Amory creates urban landscapes, lovely smeared and dripping testaments of every day life on our city streets. The mundane and usual become substantial and iconic under his expressionistic brushstrokes. The corner store, vacant office buildings and vintage shop facades are transformed into timeless beauty. The lonely human condition – from homeless to commuters, students to shop keepers – all are equally important in Brett’s vision.  Each painting is based on a photograph which he takes on a daily basis while out and about various neighborhoods.

brett amory london

Exhibition News: Brett Amory, Twenty-four In London

Here at Eclectix, we love Brett Amory’s painterly urban episodes and are so excited to get word of his new show – Twenty-Four In London. It opens tonight in London at the Lazarides Rathbone Gallery and runs through Aril 13th, 2014. When we laid eyes on these new works we had to share, so enjoy them via computer if you can’t make it to London.

Shintaro Ohata - Eclectix

Shintaro Ohata creates works that are paintings and 3D sculptures combined into one final installation. They have a cheerful and childlike quality, taking one through travels of everyday life and experiences. Usually a little girl is portrayed – doing things like walking on a fence, dancing, riding a merry-go-round or a bike. The environments range from fast food joints, to city scenes;