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Design : The New Art of Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic limbs have come a long, long way over the last couple of years – creative, wild designs and greatly increased functionality have transformed the look of that old peg leg. From steampunk to glam, bondage leather to carved wood – the designs keep on coming. Using new 3D scanning and printing techniques, these innovations can mirror the bodies natural contours and fit around an existing prosthetic leg.


Interior Design: Atomic Fixtures

When we spotted these cool rocket faucets which time travel back to 1950′s spaceships or airplanes, we had to dig further. Made by Lefroy Brooks, (the ones pictured above and below) – are from their 1950 Belle Aire series. Sweet n’ sleek, atomic powered design.


The Digital Art of Leszek Bujnowski

Leszek Bujnowski is a photographer and digital artist, creating surreal landscapes of a beautiful, lonely nature. The lighting is overcast, his props have a dusty vintage feel and the overall images are arrestingly melancholic. If one were to ask just one artist to portray the essense of Burning Man, Leszek would be a great choice.


DESIGN: Motoart’s Airplane Furniture

We love the art of recycling and reuse, especially when it is done with a great eye like Motoart has. These pieces can stand on their own as fine art sculpture – yet they are fully functional and user friendly, gleaming machined sweetness with a history.


Christopher Conte’s creations are super clean, beautifully designed and constructed sculptures, using quality materials with an impeccable finish. His artistic inspiration is both mechanical and organic – from robotic skulls to graceful gleaming spiders. Anatomy, steampunk, Victorian and space age themes all converge – with a love for superior craftsmanship, off beat imaginings and vintage workmanship.

Alexandra Manukyan, Eclectix InterviewAlexandra Manukyan paints surreal figurative works, some with involved narrative tableaus and others as set-up, posed portraits. They have a classic old master approach with vintage garb or fanciful head dresses, contrasting with contemporary tattoos and dominance inspired garb. Steampunk masks, bondage cuffs, nun hats, Victorian corsets and punk tattoos find their way across her canvas. Her women are real – strong, fragile and complicated, reacting to and presenting defiance to symbols of traditional romantic roles.