dennis mcnett - eclectix

Featured Artist: Dennis McNett

Dennis McNett creates graphic wood carvings which he then hand paints and colors. He has merged the two mediums (sculpture and painting) into one gorgeous outcome – full of texture, dimension and movement. His works range from fine art block prints to contrasty skate decks, with a strong leaning towards wildlife imagery – animals which are loaded with character and energy. With a hint of folk art and rock poster flavor, they are dynamic eye candy to behold!

Gregory Raymond Halili - Eclectix art

The skull shells of Gregory Raymond Halili are just that – gorgeous, luminous, anatomically perfect human skulls carved and painted onto small shells. He uses oil paint on raw, gold-lip and black-lip Philippine mother-of-pearl oyster shells and the natural shape of the mollusks echo and complement perfectly the lines of a skull.

Alex Garcia--561809494

Featured Artist: Alex Garcia

The roses, hearts and eyes of Alex Garcia are impeccably painted and achingly beautiful – he is a master at all of them and so much more. Here at Eclectix, we have always been fanatical about eyes (you probably noticed…) – and Alex’s riveting eyes have consistently set off our eyedar.

acci gallery

Exhibit Review

Eclectix visited the opening reception for the current Halloween and Day of the Dead inspired art show at ACCI Gallery, last Friday night. Titled Hallowed and Haunted it is a delightfully eclectic mix of media and styles, curated by artist Angie Garberina. We’ve picked a few to share, but there are many more wonderful haunting works to peruse in this group exhibition.