Deborah Oropallo - Eclectix

Northern California artist Deborah Oropallo deconstructs just about every riveting image she constructs, leaving us with a fresh, powerful and unfinished feeling. Her works strike with life’s immediacy – fragmented and torn with upheaval and finished with graphic layered grace.

Edith Waddell - Eclectix


Featured Artist: Edith Waddell

Edith Waddell creates a sweet candyland of metamorphosis and juxtapositions – pretty in pinks, pastels and brilliant ice cream colors. They project an inkblot-like, kaleidoscopic design – involving floral elements, subtle sexual hints, vintage tablecloth motifs and female reproductive anatomy.

Shiri Mordechay - Eclectix

Shiri Mordechay is a mixed media artist whose works explode in a riot across any given gallery space. With paintings, assemblage and sculpture she creates a wonderful chaos of feeling images and an onslaught of emotion. Many themes present themselves – from human greed and gluttony, war atrocities and animal abuse to vanity, modern culture and sexuality. Body parts and animals compete for space in her subconscious mess of urban existence. They crawl up walls, suspended or glued – haphazard or carefully placed.