Monica Tiulescu - Eclectix art

Featured Artist – Monica Tiulescu

Monica Tiulescu series – ‘Species Work’ – is contradictory, multi-leveled work, referencing the past, the future; micro and macro; flat and 3 dimensional. Micro-assemblages that are simultaneously grown computationally and composited materially.

Eclectix artist interview

Jeff P, An Eclectix Artist Interview

Jeff has a mastery of classic naturalist rendering, science based illustrations which also play off abstract shapes colors and objects. Coined “psychedelic naturalism” – think Audubon meets Timothy Leary. Multitudes of graceful snakes coil and intertwine within various environs, graceful and lovingly detailed in their realism.

Anatomy body painting

Anatomical Body Paintings: Johannes Stoetter

Johannes is an Italian painter who uses a real human body as his canvas for a wild variety of subjects. His anatomical series is wonderful – nothing like turning things inside out. It reminds us of those old invisible man models you could build at home with the see thru plastic skin.

mars 1

Exhibit Preview: Mario Martinez MARS 1

Coming up in Los Angeles is Mario Martinez’s new solo show at the Martha Otero Gallery. We’ve been entranced with Mario’s vision for years – a  trip fantastic into outlandish realms. If your lights are on, you’ve probably been arrested by his work exploding out of alley walls or gallery windows, right here in San Francisco.