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For all you Giger fanatics out there (and we know there are a lot of you…), a visit and drink at one of the Alen Bars by artist H.R. Giger is definitely on your travel menu. There are two Alien Bars – one in in Gruyères, Switzerland and one in Chur, Switzerland. And we can’t imagine that a  more artful surreal place to have a cocktail exists on the planet.

Monica Tiulescu - Eclectix art

Featured Artist – Monica Tiulescu

Monica Tiulescu series – ‘Species Work’ – is contradictory, multi-leveled work, referencing the past, the future; micro and macro; flat and 3 dimensional. Micro-assemblages that are simultaneously grown computationally and composited materially.

Paul Lewin - Eclectix


Paul Lewin, An Eclectix Artist Interview

Paul Lewin is a wonderful San Francisco Bay Area artist with a sublime surreal vision. Those of you who visited our brick and mortar gallery, back in the day – may remember his outlandish meditations – in group exhibitions, as well as in his solo show. Liberally dosed with H.R. Giger influence, his works were riveting, darkly intense images, with haunting eyes and swirling reptilian patterns.

Daria Endresen - Eclectix

Featured Artist: Daria Endresen

A photographer, model and digital artist, Daria Endresen was born in Norway and currently lives in Paris. Daria’s subjects are otherworldly – resembling alien victims from a prison camp. With shaved heads and pale, ghostly corpse-like flesh, they are often stretched and pulled at, with roots or strings like a puppet or a suture. Her beings struggle – pulling apart or together, robot like and sedated with implied emotions.

Alicia Martin Lopez

Featured Artist: Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez oddities are like mutated creatures from a science fiction novel, alien beings creeping forth from her dark imagination.  Cast against empty barren backgrounds with titles like “Elephant Man” and “Evolution”- they crawl or float, waiting in suspended in time.

mars 1

Exhibit Preview: Mario Martinez MARS 1

Coming up in Los Angeles is Mario Martinez’s new solo show at the Martha Otero Gallery. We’ve been entranced with Mario’s vision for years – a  trip fantastic into outlandish realms. If your lights are on, you’ve probably been arrested by his work exploding out of alley walls or gallery windows, right here in San Francisco.