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For all you Giger fanatics out there (and we know there are a lot of you…), a visit and drink at one of the Alen Bars by artist H.R. Giger is definitely on your travel menu. There are two Alien Bars – one in in Gruyères, Switzerland and one in Chur, Switzerland. And we can’t imagine that a  more artful surreal place to have a cocktail exists on the planet.

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R.I.P. – The Death of H R Giger

H. R. Giger ( Hans Rudolf “Ruedi” Giger ) the infamous godfather of so much of today’s contemporary art and graphic styles, died Monday from injuries sustained in a fall. Sad news for so many artists and others who had their imaginations blown open by his truly original works. He single-handedly brought dark surrealist imagery into the foreground through his creatures and designs.


Featured Artist: Stephan Balleux

When we stumbled on the paint smeared faces of Stephan Balleux, we couldn’t take our eyes off them. Abstracted areas of portraits, replaced by gobs and mounds of swirling goopy wonderful paint. Sometimes the depth of the blob he has actually rendered – fooling one’s eyes. Faces morph into distorted versions of themselves.

 Artist: Santiago Caruso

Featured Artist: Santiago Caruso

The vintage macabre of Santiago Caruso is a mix of surreal, dark, symbolist works painted with the nineteenth century’s aesthetic. They are beautiful paintings, haunting and harkening back to the days of yore. An Argentinian artist, Santiago is heavily influenced by literature – his work includes selections from Ambrose Bierce, Alejandra Pizarnik, and Daisaku Ikeda as well as HP Lovecraft.