Tuco Amalfi - Eclectix art

Visionary Art: Tuco Amalfi

We fell in love with the visionary art of Tuco Amalfi – dreamlike and full of psychedelic light, bursting with vibrant colors. It sends us into spiritual oblivion with lovely hallucinations – spirals of geometric patterns cast themselves onto cerebral landscapes. Art which transcends the physical world and portrays a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes… otherworldly botanicals which beg us to jump in and take a trip.

jasmine worth profile pic

Jasmine Worth is a painter we’ve long admired, with a darkly surreal style. Her imagery is composed mostly of smaller works – women in cloaked religious attire, saintly iconic souls. Sometimes they float, eerily beheaded or embracing Eraserhead-like infants, sometimes they bleed sorrowfully and sometimes they just give you “that look” – all knowing and soulfully spiritual.

Natalia Smirnova artist - Eclectix

The artist Natalia Smirnova works as if from another era, her art harkens back to mysterious and fabled tales of medieval manuscripts. They would do Dante’s Inferno proud and might even illustrate the Bible, in the way a great book of historical fantasy deserves. Evoking  spiritual occurrences, ghostly spirits and darkly ethereal visions.