The Installation Art of Bernard Pras

 French artist Bernard Pras creates fantastical found-object installations which are also optical illusions. Sometimes called “anamorphic”, the intended final image can only be seen through a particular device or from a particular vantage point. Otherwise, they just look like a huge pile of junk. See his completed Dali (above) and the entire installation, (below.)

Eclectix Book Nook

Book Nook: Traveling Device

With the prospect of summer travels and voyages looming on our calendars, we thought this new art book from Device GalleryTraveling Device would be a timely inspiration. This is Device’s third publication and it’s all about travel and the fantastical machinery we employ to get away.


DESIGN: Motoart’s Airplane Furniture

We love the art of recycling and reuse, especially when it is done with a great eye like Motoart has. These pieces can stand on their own as fine art sculpture – yet they are fully functional and user friendly, gleaming machined sweetness with a history.

Yasuaki Onishi - Eclectix

Osaka-based artist Yasuaki Onishi is an installation artist, creating sculptures and site specific environments. Currently working with found materials and (in the past) LED lights to create forms and shapes. The pieces pictured here, which are titled - Reversal of Volume, is an installation created using “the negative space of stacked objects”.