Eclectix art

Featured Artist: Mohau Modisakeng

South African Mohau Modisakeng wears many artistic hats – working in sculpture, video, street art, installations, performance and photography. Our favorites are his more surreal and emotive works – where the subject’s face is obscured, some by mask-like objects and others by beautiful dusty clouds.  Partially fragmented by smoke or chalk they imply a spiritual presence, ambiguity of existence and/or the disintegration of matter.

Oscar Camilo de las Flores

Featured Artist: Oscar Camilo de las Flores


Eclectix had the opportunity to view Oscar’s amazing work awhile ago at the ArtPad fair and we were amazed by their gigantic scale and never ending complex detail. Large and intense renderings suggest woven tapestries of human-kind in turmoil.  A boiling pot of peopled stew, they are narratives which pulse and throb within never ending power struggles between the good, the bad and the ugly.

yours truly exhibit

Exhibit Preview: Yours Truly

Coming up in St. Louis at Alexi Era Gallery, is an exhibition of artist postcards to benefit a very worthy cause. The exhibition will feature 100 original artworks on postcards from artists all around the world. All postcards will be priced $5-$50, and available to take home right away, showing your support. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. Featured here are some small cropped teasers of the art to be displayed in the show.

isaac cordal global warming

Street Art: Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal’s cement tribes are little human sculptures fashioned of cement and then carefully placed in various locations and environments throughout the streets of Europe and beyond. His figures offer poignant commentary on global warming (above), political collapse, corruption and ineptitude, environmental fragility and the isolated loneliness of the human condition.