Lipking _Eclectix preview

Exhibition Preview: Risqué, Dirty Little Pictures

Opening tonight at the Long Beach Museum of Art is Risqué, Dirty Little Pictures, curated by Nathan Spoor and Jeff McMillan. The erotic works will be displayed on the museum’s second-floor Kilsby Gallery – a little above children’s immediate perusal. It is always wonderful to see a “museum” hosting a show with an incredible roster of real contemporary, New Brow artists, so get on down to Long Beach if you can.

Camille Rose Garcia Eclectix Interview

Camille Rose Garcia is one of today’s top artists, creating surreal fantasies of darkly narrative works which pack a graphic and mindful punch. Her works are a trip into her own twisted theme park,  a riot with neons and pastels, layered depth and contrasting dripping blacks. At any given moment – circus stripes, dashes of glitter, dangerous icicles or swirling highlights may surround her personas, alive with dreamy visions and forest critters. Creepy cartoon children and dancing polar bears are found fighting against a polluted wasteland and corporate greed. Sometimes, her signature hand lettering will add worded perspective in a warped and wonderful way.