Art On The Web

It’s not often that I go to a Tumblr site and just can’t pull away. However, the well curated site - The Villa of Ormen - did just that, pulled me in for an extended darkly fantastic voyage. If you like otherworldly, surreal, mysterious imagery with haunted overtones, this is the bomb. Bits of words of wisdom, philosophical quotes and symbolism also sprinkle this site, in between the stunningly gorgeous images.

Arthur Tress

Foto Fix: Arthur Tress

Every now and then there is an artist that everyone else knows about – yet we have just discovered – and Arthur Tress is one of these. Although individual images have hooked our eyes over the years, (for instance the Halloween children, above) – we never put it all together – as one artist and one body of work. There is just too much wonderful vision out there to keep track of it all!  We wanted to share Tress’s works with you, in case there is a soul yet to be exposed…

Alicia Martin Lopez

Featured Artist: Alicia Martin Lopez

Alicia Martin Lopez oddities are like mutated creatures from a science fiction novel, alien beings creeping forth from her dark imagination.  Cast against empty barren backgrounds with titles like “Elephant Man” and “Evolution”- they crawl or float, waiting in suspended in time.

Anton Semenov - Eclectix

Our eyes are grateful for the great gloom of Anton Semenov projected in his fierce art. Anton’s alias name is Gloom82 and his portfolio is quite full of impending doom and gorgeous gloom. Wonderfully grim and full of texture, his art is a desperate peek into and from the dark.