Kirsty_Mitchell_Eclectix art

Kirsty Mitchell’s photography is an ethereal wonderland of lush fairy tales and historical fantastical dress set in beautiful woodlands – inspired by her memories of her mother reading aloud to her. She worked with Alexander McQueen’s studio and finished her costume studies at the London College of Fashion.

After her mother’s death, Kirsty immersed herself in photography to deal with the trauma of grief. Starting with everyday shots taken on the street or subway, her creations morphed into large detailed imaginative tableaus taken from her dreams. Involving much more than just clicking a shutter button, she hand made and painted everything - from the costumes to the sets. In the woodlands around her home, she constructed elaborate scenes akin to a miniature movie set, complete with lighting, assistants and models.

Kohei Nawa  - Eclectix art

Featured Artist: Kohei Nawa 

Japanese artist Kohei Nawa has created a surreal and magical installation titled “Foam”, full of floating clouds in the middle of darkened rooms. Impossibly lovely, they conjure up a nebulous heaven – and like an angel, the viewer can walk through them.


The Installation Art of Bernard Pras

 French artist Bernard Pras creates fantastical found-object installations which are also optical illusions. Sometimes called “anamorphic”, the intended final image can only be seen through a particular device or from a particular vantage point. Otherwise, they just look like a huge pile of junk. See his completed Dali (above) and the entire installation, (below.)

scott hove cakeland

Scott Hove’s Cakeland

Artist Scott Hove, our favorite local master of teeth, art, design and all things cake, will be closing down his monumental Cakeland in Oakland. Scott is moving to Los Angeles where he just purchased a warehouse, downtown. If you haven’t had a chance to wander through Cakeland, his strange fantasia of decorated creamy artworks – make sure you don’t miss this last local chance to take a trip through the gargantuan installation!

isaac cordal global warming

Street Art: Isaac Cordal

Isaac Cordal’s cement tribes are little human sculptures fashioned of cement and then carefully placed in various locations and environments throughout the streets of Europe and beyond. His figures offer poignant commentary on global warming (above), political collapse, corruption and ineptitude, environmental fragility and the isolated loneliness of the human condition.

brett amory london

Exhibition News: Brett Amory, Twenty-four In London

Here at Eclectix, we love Brett Amory’s painterly urban episodes and are so excited to get word of his new show – Twenty-Four In London. It opens tonight in London at the Lazarides Rathbone Gallery and runs through Aril 13th, 2014. When we laid eyes on these new works we had to share, so enjoy them via computer if you can’t make it to London.