The Design of Timorous Beasties

Founded in 1990 by the Scottish duo Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons - Timorous Beasties is a textile design and manufacturing company based in Glasgow, creating hand printed fabrics and wallpapers. Noted for their surreal, sumptuous and provocative designs, one critic has aptly described their work ”as William Morris on acid”. 

Eclectix: Giulia Ghigini

Featured Artist: Giulia Ghigini

We happened on Giulia Ghigini’s wonderful little series of black and white illustrative beetles in human predicaments and fell in love with them. (On looking closer the beetles may actually be cock roaches – but we like them anyway…)  Giulia was born in 1983 in the heart of an industrious lowland in Italy and she professes a huge love for images, with a workaholic state of being.

katie mccann eclectix interview

Eclectix asked Katie McCann to answer some questions for our interview about her art and life. And since today is International Women’s Day, it is only fitting that we throw some webshine onto a woman artist, whose work we love. Katie is a local Berkeley artist who creates collage creatures of a very mixed heritage – Victorian women, bird and skeletal parts, botanical elements and various insect parts…