Water Tower Art Exhibit

Artitechture: Water Tower Art Exhibit

There is a great show which opened last Friday, of 50 illustrated water towers at Kikkerland in NYC. If you love models, little houses, run down shacks and weird little structures as much as we do, this is a must see! Composed of small models of water towers, they are each adorned in their own way by individual artists. The show is curated by artists Chris Buzelli (above) and SooJin Buzelli for Boundless Brooklyn, who donated and sells the model kits.

Alina Chau

Alina Chau has a light, delicate and whimsical touch, which hearkens us back to  early Sixties poster art – illustrations touched by magic and hope. Youthful innocence and fairy tale kingdoms float softly through her watercolors, often embellished with decorative patterns. There is a unique freedom and positivity to her images, gestural looseness and a contagious childlike love of life. She has an upcoming solo show Voyage, in the Elmwood district of Berkeley, featuring her travel and landscape inspired works.


Foto Fix: Lorna Freytag

Lorna is a mixed media artist – uniting photography, illustration and digital skills in her works. She has many takes on children’s stories and books, circus inspired portraits and more commercial children’s portraiture. We love the surreal kingdom series – her pairing of giant animals with one of her series on children.

Eclectix: Giulia Ghigini

Featured Artist: Giulia Ghigini

We happened on Giulia Ghigini’s wonderful little series of black and white illustrative beetles in human predicaments and fell in love with them. (On looking closer the beetles may actually be cock roaches – but we like them anyway…)  Giulia was born in 1983 in the heart of an industrious lowland in Italy and she professes a huge love for images, with a workaholic state of being.


Featured Artist: Ulyana Turchenko

Ulyana Turchenko is a young artist and graphic designer with a very beautiful portfolio. She was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1980. Her works are mostly lithographs – illustrations for books and more surreal fine art. She etches and prints her own lithographs – completing the whole process, from drawing, to stone, to print. Her works are part fairy tale, part surreal visionary.

Ken Garduno

Featured Artist: Ken Garduno

The art of Ken Garduno is sketch inspired and full of abstracted black lines – a combination of both tight renderings and loose styles, that just scream with contrasted goodness. Some may label it illustrative or cartoon based, especially his earlier works. Ken’s more recent works are taking a direction we love – with more of his signature straight-line geometrics and abstracted forms – juxtaposed with tidbits of more traditional imagery. The static controlled areas compete with more gestured movements in a splendid way.