Camille Rose Garcia Eclectix Interview

Camille Rose Garcia is one of today’s top artists, creating surreal fantasies of darkly narrative works which pack a graphic and mindful punch. Her works are a trip into her own twisted theme park,  a riot with neons and pastels, layered depth and contrasting dripping blacks. At any given moment – circus stripes, dashes of glitter, dangerous icicles or swirling highlights may surround her personas, alive with dreamy visions and forest critters. Creepy cartoon children and dancing polar bears are found fighting against a polluted wasteland and corporate greed. Sometimes, her signature hand lettering will add worded perspective in a warped and wonderful way.

Ray Martin Abeyta Eclectix

The current exhibition at The Mexican MuseumThe Tequila Don Julio Collection, is a recent acquisition to their permanent collection. This show is up through the weekend, ending Jan. 6th, 2013 (although the pieces may still be on display somewhere, since it is part of their collection.) It features “the cutting-edge vitality of some of today’s most engaging Mexican and Mexican American Artists.”

Jaime Zacarias

Jaime Zacarias art combines elements of Lucha Libres, octopus, Mexican revolutionaries and toy-like critters into intricate and vibrant flavorful goodies. Full of Chicano heritage, decorative designs, street art drippings, textures, calligraphy, and looping tubular appendages.