Ethan Murrow

Featured Artist: Ethan Murrow

Ethan Murrow is a graphite master creating dramatic large drawings, detailed depictions of the improbable and fantastical. Pushing the boundaries of perspective and reality, his collaborative works seem like surreal optical illusions. His subject matter is strongly rooted in struggle – whether it be human, beast or machine.


Featured Artist: Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram has a series of masterfully rendered realistic, confrontational self portraits and other twists of the imagination. They are very large works executed in graphite, charcoal and pastel with a recent shift towards oil painting.

N. C. Winters

Featured Artist: N. C. Winters

N. C. Winters is an artist working out of sunny San Diego, constantly drawing, painting, making webcomics, working digitally and even at times sculpting. We have enjoyed his splendid works before and shared a few at different times, his full website is a treat.

It was so rewarding to see Laurie Lipton’s fantastically detailed works up close and personal after viewing them on the computer for so long. Each piece is a journey down the strokes of a graphite pencil line maze, each image offering up more the closer you look. Some whirl along with flowing movement toward their shapes while others cross-hatch and build steadily in layers. The newer works reflect quite a bit on the empty vain values of the darker side of LA – the Beverly Hills housewife, plastic surgery, selfish vanity, shopping as a religious career, robotic consumerism, demons & nightmares of mortality and society’s conflicted view of beauty. These strong works each have something to say and make no bones about getting in your face to say it.