dan hillier - eclectix

Featured Artist: Dan Hillier

Dan works in mixed media using collage, Photoshop and his own pen and ink drawings – producing screen prints of the final image. He takes much of his inspiration from old Gothic Victorian etchings. The ink paintings are done “using lots of water, lots of Daler-Rowney Calli ink and lots of delicate scratching with a dip nib pen.”


Art On The Web

It’s not often that I go to a Tumblr site and just can’t pull away. However, the well curated site - The Villa of Ormen - did just that, pulled me in for an extended darkly fantastic voyage. If you like otherworldly, surreal, mysterious imagery with haunted overtones, this is the bomb. Bits of words of wisdom, philosophical quotes and symbolism also sprinkle this site, in between the stunningly gorgeous images.

Virginie Ropars-Eclectix

Virginie Ropars creates fiercely fashionable and visually arresting art dolls, she is a sculptor, painter, fashion designer and special effects artist all-in-one. Her characters are intense goddesses, threatening queens, enchanting princesses – magnificent and regal personas. Dressed in fine velvets and lush textiles which don’t just adorn the figure but seem to meld with it, becoming fantastic or demonic appendages.