Bruno Walpoth

Italian woodworker and artist, Bruno Walpoth carves incredibly lifelike figurative sculptures which stand quietly, as solitary souls in between stages of life and purpose. Vulnerable, unsure and pensive – they seem like newborn adults, brought to life by the hand of the artisan.



Artist Michael Rosner has a stunning series of futuristic body art paintings which feature Steampunkian robotic women right off the runway of a modern Metropolis. The models are hand painted and airbrushed with all manner of intricate machine imagery which may take up to 20 hours to complete.

Aron J. Dubois

Featured Artist: Aron J. Dubois

 We are entranced by Aron J. Dubois’ tattoos and his art, and it’s obvious why. With it’s elegant vintage color palette it complements the skin in a subtle and beautiful old timey way. The flesh tones substitute wonderfully for the pink, tan, yellowed or worn antique paper. Aron takes inspiration from old tattoos and newer art – then turns them into his own vision. Each piece reflects his eye, soul and style, despite it’s origin.

Alessandra Maria - art Eclectix

Alessandra Maria is a young artist and there isn’t a whole lot on her website. But what is there – is beautifully haunting and she seems to be progressing in a fabulous direction. Alessandra describes her work as “visceral and instinctive”, exploring the facets of “feminism and self reflection.”

Edith Lebeau profile Eclectix Interview

Edith Lebeau is a fabulous Canadian artist we have long admired here at Eclectix – some of you may remember her dynamic Red Queen (below), from the Fierce Fashion exhibit card.
Her radiant portrait based works are sometimes sassy, sometimes serious personas of our modern day. Mostly female subjects, they may be growing horns, sucking on lollipops, sporting a Victorian hairdo or standing serene, spotted with droplet adornments.