Eclectix Art - Jose Alberto Marchi

Featured Artist: Jose Alberto Marchi 

Argentine artist and composer Jose Alberto Marchi transforms photographic images into paintings, this in turn, has inspired him to create video art. His works are Inspired by the 19th Century photographs of Thomas Eakins, the famous animated sequences of Eadweard Muybridge, and the films of Tarkovsky.

Eclectix interview - Andrea Kowch

Andrea Kowch, An Eclectix Artist Interview

There is a beautiful and surreal haunting quality to Andrea’s resplendent imagery, with an overall ambiance of frozen moments in time. Magical female personas share sisterly relationships confronting the viewer, and dominating stark landscapes. Feasts are prepared from farmed abundance while ominous birds flock and insects alight. Clouds of wild hair fly askew in a contrary wind and fields of wheat bow under pressures.

Oscar Camilo de las Flores

Featured Artist: Oscar Camilo de las Flores


Eclectix had the opportunity to view Oscar’s amazing work awhile ago at the ArtPad fair and we were amazed by their gigantic scale and never ending complex detail. Large and intense renderings suggest woven tapestries of human-kind in turmoil.  A boiling pot of peopled stew, they are narratives which pulse and throb within never ending power struggles between the good, the bad and the ugly.


The Dirty Show 2015

The Dirty Show is the world’s largest erotic art exhibition and is held in Detroit every Valentine’s weekend. The guest artist for this year’s event is John Waters, and he’ll be speaking on the opening night of February 12th, which is anticipated to bring a large crowd.

Odd Nerdrum - Eclectix

Exhibit Preview: Odd Nerdrum, Pupils of Apelles

 Opening this weekend in L.A. is Odd Nerdrum’s Pupils of Apelles exhibition, a definite must-see show full of masterful works which cross all boundaries in the art world, with visionary grace and aplomb.

Odd Nerdrum has a very interesting persona in addition to his paintings, with a wealth of insight and perspectives on contemporary art.

Daria Endresen - Eclectix

Featured Artist: Daria Endresen

A photographer, model and digital artist, Daria Endresen was born in Norway and currently lives in Paris. Daria’s subjects are otherworldly – resembling alien victims from a prison camp. With shaved heads and pale, ghostly corpse-like flesh, they are often stretched and pulled at, with roots or strings like a puppet or a suture. Her beings struggle – pulling apart or together, robot like and sedated with implied emotions.