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Featured Artist: Storm Tharp

Oregonian Storm Tharp’s portraits are strange and emotive character studies, often distorted and obscured to the verge of being expressionist. Starting out as representational, they evolve into muddled, smeared and abstracted versions of the beginning image – giving them alternate identities. He even supplies his subjects with names, histories and narratives. His inspirations include 1970s American cinema and Japanese portrait prints.

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 Eclectix Interview With Artist Bex Freund


Last month, Eclectix attended Bex Freund’s week-long solo show - The Bottled Nova Must Feed Still,  and we were blown away by her ferocious intensely moving works. Swirls and swatches of textured layers contort their dramatic subjects, 
exploding off her canvas in brilliant color. Her palette reminds us of the super saturated early days of color film in Italian cinema – deep Indigo blues contrasted with red-hot lavas. A mixture of surrealism, science fiction scenarios and a female under the influence of German Expressionism – all united by brushstrokes of fast and furious glorious movement.  


Bex Freund has a solo exhibition coming up, for one week only in SF, that is not to be missed.  The Bottled Nova Must Feed Still show opens at Alter Space on March 1st and runs through March 8th. We were floored and facinated by the surreal strength of her paintings – their carnivore vision, disturbing inflections and raw emotive expression.

Shiri Mordechay - Eclectix

Shiri Mordechay is a mixed media artist whose works explode in a riot across any given gallery space. With paintings, assemblage and sculpture she creates a wonderful chaos of feeling images and an onslaught of emotion. Many themes present themselves – from human greed and gluttony, war atrocities and animal abuse to vanity, modern culture and sexuality. Body parts and animals compete for space in her subconscious mess of urban existence. They crawl up walls, suspended or glued – haphazard or carefully placed.