Dorote Zaukaite

Dorote Zaukaite’s beautiful art dolls are pensive deep thinkers, exquisitely adorned and fashioned in poetic poses. Their gesture and implied movement is beguiling with an astounding attention to minute detail. Each doll’s garment is finely crafted, replicating original and creative textiles worthy of museum display. She uses many different materials – resin casts, porcelain clay, wire, glass and semiprecious beads, feathers, embroidery, countless various scraps of textiles, mohair fibers, paint, paper and even some whiskers form her dog! Gracefully serene yet torn by life, her sculptures reflect Victorian romance and fairy tales, mixed with darkly modern turbulence, right down to extraordinary platform shoes.


Beth Robinson, Eclectix Interview

Beth Robinson creates fine art doll sculptures, one-of-a-kind characters with a penchant for the melancholy. Versatile in their witty attitudes – they can be monstrous, quirky, dandy, ghostly, lovely and distorted – but always weirdly wonderful. Dressed in vintage and found materials, made from polymer clay and sometimes real human hair.  Full of gesture and energy, each creation has a genuine history of it’s own – whether it be from a dark secret lair, a Victorian ballroom or inside your own head.