Suzanne Moxhay -Eclectix

Featured Artist: Suzanne Moxhay

The mixed media work of Suzanne Moxhay is surreal, desolate and beautifully strange. She creates digitally altered photographs of empty landscapes using a mixture of her own photographs, painting, and found images. They transport us into wonderfully scenic dioramas with a sense of both past and future, a kind of David Lynchian natural history museum.

last supper

The Photography of Hiroshi Sugimoto

Eclectix recently visited the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco and we were enthralled with the huge Hiroshi Sugimoto prints covering a gallery wall.  Titled “The Last Supper: Acts of God”, the five-panel photograph more than 24 feet in length, was damaged and eroded with a beautiful decay.

Bipolar -tom haney

Tom Haney’s little people are articulated doll sculptures which Eclectix happened upon at Red Truck Gallery. Inspirations of folk / Victorian / outsider art – they engaged and enthralled us. Some of the sculpted figures are set in antique theater inspired dioramas and some stand alone.  These are works that really need to be appreciated in person, their 3D liveliness beguiles you with charm.

Francesco Romoli - Eclectix

Italian artist Francesco Romoli creates mysterious dioramas out of cardboard, incorporating light and shadow to produce a dramatic cityscape. Each diorama is constructed specifically to be photographed. Like filmmaking, all staging and lighting is done looking through the lens.