Not Just Architecture, But Artitechture

Street Art: CRYPTIK

Cryptik creates mesmerizing mandala-like designs, calligraphic iconography painted with crisp precision and mind bending detail. His inspirations are compassionate and spiritual in nature, pulling from Zen teachings, Buddha, Ganesha, Eastern philosophies and iconography – in a palette of earthy browns, golds and black.

 Klaus Haapaniemi

Featured Artist: Klaus Haapaniemi

Klaus Haapaniemi’s artwork is inspired by nature, Finnish folklore, fantasy and traditional decorative arts.They’ve a silkscreened feel to them with super saturated color and clean edges. Animated flora and fauna pose, surrounded by bright patterns and splashes of modern graphics.

Eclectix - Gina Martynova

Featured Artist: Gina Martynova

Big hair art always commands our attention for some reason, maybe it’s the Dolly Parton in us. Gina Martynova has a beautifully fun series, titled Of Folklore & Fashion Tales, full of portraits of pretty women with bountiful hair-dos. Piled high in round mounds of decorated goodness – the hair is composed of delicate Asian inspired floral patterns and graphic ribbons.

The Royal Loyals  - Eclectix

The Royal Loyals is a collaboration (or duet) between two artists – Monika Krol, a jeweler, and Danielle Murray, a painter. Eclectix first happened upon their work when we found the portrait (below), featured as the profile picture for the Eclectix interview with Judith Schaechter.

The idea behind this shared vision is wonderful and unique, an interesting way to present a dialogue between two artists. Together they create paintings and jewelry inspired by one common muse or mentor and the love all things vintage.

Redd Walitzki -Eclectix

Redd Walitzki’s painting (above) for the upcoming exhibit at Modern Eden knocked our socks off and we had to investigate further. She has gorgeous works, reminescent of Art Nouveau with their decorative swirling patterns and laser cut framing. Mostly alluring young women, some seductive, but all with an appealing secretive history. Fashionable and beautiful they contrast with added elements of dripping organic decay.