tom waits-patrushka


Coming up in San Francisco is a great themed exhibition titled Like A Tom Waits Song.  The imagery conjured up in my head by this unique title is delicious – shabby vintage cafes, solitary figures leaning under streetlights, bars full of whisky and cigarettes, faded sepia circus scenes and on and on….  Curated by Andrea Schwarz, the show is all artwork inspired by Tom Waits and his music. So if you are a fan of all things Tom Waits, this is a must see art show, lickety-split.

mark ryden wolf album coverJust saw the new Mark Ryden album cover for Wolf, a new release from the rapper Tyler, The Creator. The cover art is classic Mark Ryden, a simple image of Tyler as a boy on a bike in the woods, with a little signature baby head on a tree trunk in the corner. It is interesting that a rapper (with the reputation that Tyler has) to be portrayed in such a vulnerable and innocent way…

celebrity art - cate rangel - Eclectix

This being the week before the Oscars and all, we couldn’t resist sharing some fine art of various Hollywood entities with you all. Celebrity art, portraits of characters from the movies and the people who make the films – have inspired artists for decades. There is a lot ( and we mean a lot! ) of excellent digital or PhotoShop-based works out there – but we opted for the real deal – as in: paint, brushes or pencil.