junkyard sam, eclectix artist interview

Junkyard Sam, An Eclectix Artist Interview

Junkyard Sam creates delightful worlds, images of  frolicking, happy light-hearted creatures with carrot noses and fairy tale dreams. Occasional robots may menace or engage the viewer with their Tin Man charm and golden bluffs tower over peaceful river valleys with strolling “Quaggles” (Sam’s duck characters).

giant robot oakland

We visited the preview of the new Super Awesome: Art and Giant Robot exhibition at OMCA in Oakland last night and are pleased to be able to share some photos of the fabulous art and ambiance. Many artists contributed work to this large show comprised of fine art, cartoons to graphic novels, sculpture, murals, large-scale installations, skateboards, collections, robots, lunch boxes, doodles, flyers and much, much more…

Eclectix-  SumoFeatured Artist: Sumo

Eclectix recently ran across the works of Sumo, brightly colored and full of pop, they mix his previous street art styles on canvas in a happy way. His main character is a crazy baldhead type of guy in various incarnations, and his style reminds us a bit of Barry McGee meets Peter Max. The crooked smile of his characters implies someone up to no good – almost like the sneer of a Mafia thug. Mixed with bright bubbles of color and patterns – the two make a nonsensical juxtaposition, in a great way.

krk ryden at varnish - eclectix


We were able to drop into KRK Ryden’s book signing for his new book Double Talk, at Varnish Fine Arts over the weekend. Not only was KRK signing, but he was very busy drawing full-on illustrations in the front of each book, adeptly and graciously. We were able to capture the ease and flow with which he drew the bratty little girl from The Bad Seed

Camille Rose Garcia - Eclectix

We had to share the great upcoming news of Camille Rose Garcia at the Walt Disney Museum, in San Francisco. She will be showing her series of paintings and drawings of Alice in Wonderland from her recent book, Down The Rabbit Hole. If you didn’t get a chance to see the exhibit in Los Angeles, now is a great time to lay your eyes on some of her original works, there is just nothing like them!

rejection collection book


As a gift this year we received a copy of The Rejection Collection and were so taken with it we had to share it. The pages are full of hilarious and tasteless cartoons which the New Yorker rejected. Those familiar with The New Yorker magazine are aware of their outstanding dedication to publishing wonderful cartoons over the years. A rare and valued venue in these days of dying newspapers.