Photography: Jessica Ledwich

Melbourne photographer Jessica Ledwich previously worked as a fashion photographer, but she found it constraining and now she concentrates on visual fine art. In Ledwich’s series - The Monstrous Feminine, she confronts the extremes women will go to in the pursuit of beauty. Inspired by a Julia Kristeva essay that looked at the role of women as portrayed in horror films, it got her thinking about the monstrous things women do to themselves. Her works are starkly dramatic and powerful, pulling no punches – she gets in our face with the absurd realities of “beauty” rituals.

Bruno Walpoth

Italian woodworker and artist, Bruno Walpoth carves incredibly lifelike figurative sculptures which stand quietly, as solitary souls in between stages of life and purpose. Vulnerable, unsure and pensive – they seem like newborn adults, brought to life by the hand of the artisan.

Anatomy body painting

Anatomical Body Paintings: Johannes Stoetter

Johannes is an Italian painter who uses a real human body as his canvas for a wild variety of subjects. His anatomical series is wonderful – nothing like turning things inside out. It reminds us of those old invisible man models you could build at home with the see thru plastic skin.



Artist Michael Rosner has a stunning series of futuristic body art paintings which feature Steampunkian robotic women right off the runway of a modern Metropolis. The models are hand painted and airbrushed with all manner of intricate machine imagery which may take up to 20 hours to complete.

Alex Garcia--561809494

Featured Artist: Alex Garcia

The roses, hearts and eyes of Alex Garcia are impeccably painted and achingly beautiful – he is a master at all of them and so much more. Here at Eclectix, we have always been fanatical about eyes (you probably noticed…) – and Alex’s riveting eyes have consistently set off our eyedar.