Bipolar -tom haney

Tom Haney’s little people are articulated doll sculptures which Eclectix happened upon at Red Truck Gallery. Inspirations of folk / Victorian / outsider art – they engaged and enthralled us. Some of the sculpted figures are set in antique theater inspired dioramas and some stand alone.  These are works that really need to be appreciated in person, their 3D liveliness beguiles you with charm.

Virginie Ropars-Eclectix

Virginie Ropars creates fiercely fashionable and visually arresting art dolls, she is a sculptor, painter, fashion designer and special effects artist all-in-one. Her characters are intense goddesses, threatening queens, enchanting princesses – magnificent and regal personas. Dressed in fine velvets and lush textiles which don’t just adorn the figure but seem to meld with it, becoming fantastic or demonic appendages.