Currently on exhibition in Spain is a solo show by the artist Rubenimichi titled Sol Negro (Black Sun). His outstanding works are full of surreal and symbolic imagery, elegantly executed with a clean, sharp style. Many of them incorporate elements of occult, heraldry, optical devices and wildlife – sometimes placed with a human figure. These are beautiful works full of thought, juxtapositions and impeccable execution.

junkyard sam, eclectix artist interview

Junkyard Sam, An Eclectix Artist Interview

Junkyard Sam creates delightful worlds, images of  frolicking, happy light-hearted creatures with carrot noses and fairy tale dreams. Occasional robots may menace or engage the viewer with their Tin Man charm and golden bluffs tower over peaceful river valleys with strolling “Quaggles” (Sam’s duck characters).

Heather McKey - Eclectix

The Wonderbirds of Heather McKey are delightful, imaginary feathered creatures with brilliant colorations and large human-like soulful eyes, embellished with organic forms. Sometimes they take on an anthropomorphic presence or merge with other lifeforms – sporting butterfly wings, dressed in pinecones or transported by shells.

Truppe Fledermaus - Eclectix

Exhibit News: Truppe Fledermaus, The Carnival at the End of the World

Starting this weekend at the Carl Hammer Gallery is what looks to be a stunning, interesting and inspiring show by the collaborative duo Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. Titled “Truppe Fledermaus & The Carnival at the End of the World,” the artists’ imaginative series utilizes photography, painting, drawing, prints and sculptures – in their visual narratives.