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The Oscars 2015, Graphic Design 

If you were awake, you must have noticed the stunning Academy Awards graphic design on the recent Oscars 2015 telecast. Henry Hobson is one of the unsung graphic designers behind those category introductions, along with the California animation studio Elastic and show co-producer Lee Lodge. The fantastic graphics were the best part of the whole show, breaking up the usual pomp and cheese with refreshingly beautiful visuals.

Alina Chau

Alina Chau has a light, delicate and whimsical touch, which hearkens us back to  early Sixties poster art – illustrations touched by magic and hope. Youthful innocence and fairy tale kingdoms float softly through her watercolors, often embellished with decorative patterns. There is a unique freedom and positivity to her images, gestural looseness and a contagious childlike love of life. She has an upcoming solo show Voyage, in the Elmwood district of Berkeley, featuring her travel and landscape inspired works.

Camille Rose Garcia - Eclectix

We had to share the great upcoming news of Camille Rose Garcia at the Walt Disney Museum, in San Francisco. She will be showing her series of paintings and drawings of Alice in Wonderland from her recent book, Down The Rabbit Hole. If you didn’t get a chance to see the exhibit in Los Angeles, now is a great time to lay your eyes on some of her original works, there is just nothing like them!

Allison Schulnik - Eclectix

We have been following the exhibits at the Laguna Museum for years – they often show cutting edge and newbrow art that other museums refuse to consider. One of their new series, created by curator Grace Kook-Anderson, is “ex-pose”and it focuses on emerging artists – like this upcoming exhibit of Allison Schulnik.