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Design : The New Art of Prosthetic Limbs

Prosthetic limbs have come a long, long way over the last couple of years – creative, wild designs and greatly increased functionality have transformed the look of that old peg leg. From steampunk to glam, bondage leather to carved wood – the designs keep on coming. Using new 3D scanning and printing techniques, these innovations can mirror the bodies natural contours and fit around an existing prosthetic leg.

Edith Waddell - Eclectix


Featured Artist: Edith Waddell

Edith Waddell creates a sweet candyland of metamorphosis and juxtapositions – pretty in pinks, pastels and brilliant ice cream colors. They project an inkblot-like, kaleidoscopic design – involving floral elements, subtle sexual hints, vintage tablecloth motifs and female reproductive anatomy.

Travis Bedel - Eclectix

Travis hails from Phoenix, Arizona and hasn’t had any formal art training yet his collages speak volumes in skill and imagination. His source images come from vintage medical and science books, available in the public domain. With obvious skill at cutting detailed and intricate pieces, his eye for the overall composition and it’s flowing unity is perfection.

Anatomy body painting

Anatomical Body Paintings: Johannes Stoetter

Johannes is an Italian painter who uses a real human body as his canvas for a wild variety of subjects. His anatomical series is wonderful – nothing like turning things inside out. It reminds us of those old invisible man models you could build at home with the see thru plastic skin.



Artist Michael Rosner has a stunning series of futuristic body art paintings which feature Steampunkian robotic women right off the runway of a modern Metropolis. The models are hand painted and airbrushed with all manner of intricate machine imagery which may take up to 20 hours to complete.