Brett Amory’s Lovely Dirty Laundry


Eclectix was honored to bask in the paintings of Brett Amory at his latest solo show, “Dirty Laundry”, currently on exhibit at Thinkspace, in Culver City.





Brett’s works are pure genius with their thickly textured renderings of places we’ve been and felt in daily life. There is a beautiful yet lonely isolation imbedded in each work, a love of environment and yet a rejection of the cold reality of modern human life. They convey the florescent light of convenience stores, the foggy haze of nighttime back alleys and the singular sense of place a vintage building can emote.

We watched him paint at a Minna Sketch Tuesday and were floored by the quickness and ease with which his abstract brushstrokes captured their subject. Smears of pigmented precision, simple gestures of strokes and tiny touches of detail flowed masterfully into the final work.





In addition to the larger, landscape-based works on exhibit – Brett has a wonderful series of tiny figurative paintings (the two photos, above), hung all in a row that commanded our paint lust and longing for quite a long time.

His people evoke compassion, sometimes together, yet in a separate state of being from one to another, ghostlike souls floating on sidewalks. They are both abstract and impressionistic – yet caricature-like in their humane personality.

“Dirty Laundry” is on display through August 25th, so you still have a few days to see it – you will be glad you did.




LINK: To Brett’s website here.

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