Brett Amory: Twenty-Four In London

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Exhibition News: Brett Amory, Twenty-Four In London

Here at Eclectix, we love Brett Amory’s painterly urban episodes and are so excited to get word of his new show – Twenty-Four In London. It opens tonight in London at the Lazarides Rathbone Gallery and runs through Aril 13th, 2014. When we laid eyes on these new works we had to share, so enjoy them via computer if you can’t make it to London.

This exhibition is a continuation of his ‘Waiting’ series – his 2012 Twenty-Four in San Francisco and 2013 Twenty-Four in New York. It comprises twenty-four paintings of London’s most iconic locations, including The National Museum, Abbey Road and The Blind Beggar, alongside multimedia installations

We have been following Brett on Instagram for a few years and have been witnessing his sweet collection of subjects that he paints from. His finely tuned eye captures moments of time and place in a wonderful way. Well edited and full of moody city ambiance – Brett transforms these city dwellers into thick, lushly painted landscape goodness full of gesture and texture. Featuring a diverse demographic of city dwellers including night clubbers, commuters, school children and traders all going about their daily routine. Each unique setting is quietly and calmly depicted through the artist’s distinctive painterly brushstrokes and scenic anticipation.

 Twenty-Four In London


These shows are for the locals. I want to give the viewer an experience. By having painting, photography, video, installation and found object – I hope the viewer walks away with something, the same way a great movie or book affects you. You take it home with you and chew on it for a few days or even weeks.




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